Walk with the Ancestors Tour

$150 per person

(minimum 2 people or $300)

We start our tour where our story begins: on the shores of Waimarama beach where the great migration canoe Takitimu was dragged ashore to make repairs over 800 years ago. See for yourself why they stayed on and established the great fortress of Hakikino, deep in the surrounding hills.

From the coast we visit the remnant of Hakikino on our family’s Conservation Reserve. As you walk the pathways and experience the remaining pockets of native plants, native forests and wetland areas, you will gain insight as to how these ancient people lived here and appreciate why this fortress settlement would dominate this coastline for over 300 years.

The preservation of this culturally important and archaeologically significant site led us to establish a native plant nursery and create the Hakikino Conservation Reserve.

Let one of our family members share with you these sacred sites: the bush lore, the folk lore, the culture and the language: all of which continue to shape the hopes and aspirations of the people today.

This tour provides you with an insider’s perspective on being Maori and relates historical and contemporary Maori culture from a unique and personal point of view in our home village of Waimarama. It’s a friendly and relaxed encounter.

This is not amongst the most challenging of Hawke’s Bay walks, but a moderate level of fitness is required. We recommend that you wear comfortable walking shoes.

This is a private tour and is available at the time of the day that suits you.

  • Departure
    We can arrange transportation.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable clothing, outdoor footwear, hat and warm jacket if the weather dictates.

Tour Location

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