Travels of the Ancestors Tour

$325 per person

(3 hours, $325 per person in Waimārama.)

This special tour gives you unfettered access to the everyday world of Māori rarely seen by outsiders. Our guides for this tour are all members of the local Waimārama Tribe, and are knowledgeable and articulate and interesting story tellers. With humour and grace they will share their personal insights with you.  It is their sacred knowledge and we are privileged that they are willing to share it with us.

We start our tour where our story begins: on the shores of Waimarama beach where the great migration canoe Takitimu was dragged ashore to make repairs over 800 years ago. From the coast we visit the remnant of Hakikino on our family’s Conservation Reserve. As you travel through the native bush, you will see medicinal plants and hear about their  uses. We will speak of how these ancient people lived here and appreciate why this fortress settlement would dominate this coastline for over 300 years.

Before we leave we will go up to Te Kōripitanga o Tama-nui-te-Ra – the place where the stars and the sun emerge from the waters of the great Lake of Kiwa, the Pacific Ocean.  It is a celestial disc that looms large over the cultural landscape of the Waimārama people.

Stone sentinels ring the disc. They are the keepers of knowledge. It is a place of power. The guardians tell of the lore of the land; of battles won and blood spilt.

Our People gather here to remember the past and make plans for the future, to consult the maramataka, the lunar calendar. There is a time for all things: To plant, to harvest, to rest, to celebrate, to fear and to mourn.

As is the custom of the tribe we will conclude the tour by sharing food together. Return to a family home and enjoy a cup of medicinal kawakawa tea, and time with the family, and enjoy some food.

  • Departure
    We can arrange transportation.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable clothing, outdoor footwear, hat and warm jacket if the weather dictates.

Tour Location

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