Te Mata Peak and Pou Tour

Price $150 2 Hours
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Te Mata Peak and Pou Tour

$150 per person

(minimum 2 people or $300)

Experience New Zealand culture and traditions as we explore Te Mata Peak in Havelock North and the totems / Pou of the Celestial Compass in Napier. Learn how our ancestors journeyed from one side of the earth to the other using ancient navigational tools. From atop the iconic Te Mata Peak enjoy the panoramic views across the plains to the summits of the five pillars that hold up the heavens. It is the story of creation; ancient gods and rebellious offspring

Let a descendant of the legendary giant Te Mata, after whom the peak is named, provide their insider’s perspective to our local Maori People and relate stories of historical and contemporary Maori culture to provide you with their unique and personal point of view.

We can arrange transportation.

  • Departure
    This is a private tour and is available at the time of the day that suits you.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable clothing, outdoor footwear, hat and warm jacket if the weather dictates.

Tour Location

Napier and Havelock North
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