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Waimarama Maori

The Peace Pipes

Reproduced here is part of an email that was received earlier in the week. Parts identifying the senders have been removed at their request. The ‘pipestone’ link is very interesting and highlights the similarities between the American Indian cultures and our Maori Culture.

August 15, 2013

Dear Ara, Keita and Robert,


I promised that I’d send a piece of American heritage (the peace pipe … shaped from the reddish sacred pipe stone located at Pipestone, Minnesota. That area in Minnesota is where I grew up. The “city” of Pipestone is about 30 miles from the farm where I grew up.

Even on our farm, there was a creek in the slough area where there were “earthen humps) in a row where native Indians had been buried many years before.

The area just outside of Pipestone, Minnesota is where the vein of sacred red stone is located from which the Indians shaped their peace pipes. The red stone is soft enough so that the pipes and other items could be shaped with their precision and accurateness.

I have now been back to Pipestone and have purchased such peace pipes … miniature according to the ones used centuries ago by the Indians themselves. But, still made of the sacred stone. You can pull up information and pictures on this web site: www.nps.gov

…………………….. have often spoken of our cruise around New Zealand and what we anticipated as the least exciting tours signed up for actually was THE most exciting and rewarding of all our land excursions of the entire cruise!

I promised that if I could, I’d share real American Native Indian history with you once back in the States. Sorry this has taken so long, but I’d still like to personally share a piece of history from USA with that of the folks “down under.” (Pipestone is 2280 km or 1300 miles from DC) I have shown the stones you asked visitors to take with many friends here in the Washington DC area since the trip! Your very warm and gracious hospitality definitely connected and warmed both of our hearts. Another connection was the bus trip up and back from the ship. Passing through pastures, opening and closing gates, etc connected with both of us as ……………. was raised on a farm in Missouri and I was raised on a farm in Minnesota, milking cows by hand, having a pump (no running water), outhouses, butchering our own beef/pork/chickens, planting corn with the horses … etc.

I am hoping to hear back from you with exact information to where the peace pipes can be sent! I’m hoping, just as you impressed on us the connection of “DNA” assimilated activities that I can share back with you American “DNA” history / items that we’re really one people on this earth!

Thank you for making the experience such a highlight of the cruise in January of 2012! When I speak with …………… about the trip, our hearts remain warm and vibrant as we relate the hospitality we received!

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