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Had a lovely time, interesting information and very friendly atmosphere.

Tasmania, Australia

Thank you for your wonderful welcome and the wealth of knowledge your family imparted to us.

Maple Ridge, Canada

We love the way that you are preserving your culture and we loved spending the day with you. Everyone is so warm and enthusiastic in their presentations.

San Diego, USA

Thank you for our lovely day. My husband and I enjoyed learning about your culture. The children were adorable. Beautiful family.

New York, USA

Thank You - Immensely - it has been a beautiful ride through your amazing culture - so fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this - thank you and Kia Ora!


This visit reminded us of the importance of family, traditions and belief in a force/spirit that explains life and guides us throughout life. It also reminded us of certain priorities that are universal and need to be preserved.

Lakewood, Illinois

What a beautiful journey you took us on today. I will carry the memory with me always and pray for you.

California USA

I really do appreciate all the entertainment and knowledge you have shared with me and my family. Looking forward to coming back again.


You made this such a wonderful, informative day. We will always remember your warmth and friendship, but especially your joy in sharing your Maori culture with us. Thank you so much.

Palm Springs California

I'm so pleased to see your traditions continued so that we can learn about your ways and pass them on to our families and friends. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.


Fantastic - made the trip - you are a wonderful people.

Fantastic, Educational and Fun! Thanks for a great day!

Saskatchewan, Canada

Our hearts were filled to overflowing with the warm Waimarama reception we received. Our day with all of you could not have been more meaningful, and all 12 of us agreed that our Arch of Ancestors tour was truly a highlight of the time we spent in New Zealand and Australia. Your community is very special indeed, and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generousity in arranging such a wonderful day of multi-generational sharing with us.


In one word- 'Excellent!'

Havelock North Local

I enjoyed learning about your family and traditions. Loved the music and instruments! Thank You!

Anchorage Alaska

We travelled from Fairbanks Alaska and this was the most enjoyable cultural event we experienced in New Zealand.

Fairbanks Alaska

We found the experience very authentic and most enjoyable. Thank you for a very pleasant day.


Thanks for your passion and authenticity! I appreciate your fight to keep your history and culture alive. So glad you shared some of it with us today!


Went up Te Mata Peak with Waimarama Maori Tours this morning, a fabulous experience. Learnt a lot about the area and heritage. I would recommend this to anyone.

Wine Country Lodge

Thank you for an awesome day. Very enjoyable.

Gold Coast Australia

I could do it all again! Thanks to everyone. You are the best guide.


Thank you Denise and your family for allowing us to learn about your culture. It was both an eye-opener and very entertaining. More power to you, your husband and your family.

Canberra Australia

Our tour was truly authentic and interesting. We learned so much about their culture and history but also felt the emotional pride they have. This brought tears to my eyes. The whole experience they offer is professionsl but also real. They are not just doing this for tourists- you can see it's also for the benefit of their people and tribe-loved it.


"Well worth going off the well trodden tourist pathways to share a moment on your sacred place. We have come to appreciate through your kindness the beauty of one's connection to the earth and to family - Thank you and we hope to be back"

B. Maranhas, Rockport, MA USA

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