Vilna and Jocelyn

22 July 2013

On Sunday 21st July 2013 I spent a wonderful day with two ladies from Christchurch.

On a beautiful day in Hawkes Bay I picked them up at Havelock North and we set off for Te Mata Peak. It was so glorious up there with barely a whisp of wind and enough mist in the valley to give it that strange ethereal feel.

It is a joy to spend time with people who are keen to experience new things and these two visitors Vilna and Jocelyn were exceptional. They listened we talked, they talked we listened and we all laughed.

All too soon we returned to Havelock North and had a delicious lunch lovingly prepared by Adele. Homemade bread topped with tuna and onion and Adeles special dressing drizzled all over made for a wonderful starter followed up by Matt's favourite cake, orange sauce and cream: yummy!

I love the new tables in the fountain triangle at Havelock North.

After that we set off for Waimarama and Hakikino. The beautiful day continued on with us and as per usual Hakikino did not dissapoint. Hakikino is beginning to shake off the winter blues and you could almost see and feel the spring growth stirring.

Jocelyn finished our day with a very moving and spiritual prayer. A perfect ending for a special day.

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