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The Changing Faces of Hakikino

13 August 2013

Friday 9th August 2013
Today we hosted the Taiwhenua o Heretaunga at Hakikino. The day did not start well as I had a flat battery. Brother Glenn gave me a jump start and I was on my way down to the Marae to deliver some last minute instructions before the group came up to Hakikino.

In a rush as usual I jumped back in to the van, but no go: someone had turned off the van when they got out didn’t they! Luckily I manged to flag Glenn down as he was going past, got the jumper leads and we were away again.

After this rather inauspicious day we went on to have a great day. It had not rained for several days, was dry underfoot and we had a beautiful sunny mid winters day. Hakikino is waking from its winter slumber and there was definitely a touch of spring in the air.

With conditions like this it was very easy to move the large crowd of over 100 people around Hakikino. One of the joys of hosting our own people is that we do not have to spend time on the culture and as we share a common history we can just enjoy the spirituality and sense of wonderment of how our people lived, survived and died.

Sunday 11th August 2013
We hosted another visitor at Hakikino today. This time, unlike the Friday it was pouring with rain. What I had thought would be a cold and miserable tour ended up being a different and interesting event. Guy King was a knowledgeable and informative visitor and I really enjoyed a new side of Hakikino that I had never seen before. There was a fresh cleanliness about the water dripping off the trees and running along the drains that I had not appreciated before.

Monday 12th August 2013
Colenso High School visited today; a group of 20 including students and staff. We started at Te Mata where the ‘Tawhirimatea’ was being particularly vicious and very cold. We did not stay there long and visited Hakikno once again. This time there was no rain but the winds of Tawhirimatea were with us still although not quite so cold,

Three days at Hakikino in quite different weather conditions was quite an experience.

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