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Historical Overview - Pat Parsons

An overview history of Waimarama.

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Lunch with Rose - The School

The Waimarama Maori School.Had a very pleasant lunch with Rose Mohi at 1024 yesterday. 1024 is the name of the restaurant and the food was beautiful although this was not the purpose of the luncheon but a most interesting and enjoyable aside.

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Waimarama School Archway Opening

The Photo in this article was taken at the opening of the archway at Waimarama Maori School circa 1957. The woman on the left with her back turned is Aunty Babe Carroll. Next to her is Sid Meads who was the headmaster at the time.

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I grew up in Waimarama at a time when the Marae was the very hub of not only our Maori community but the whole community. In that time I saw the gradual coming apart of our people and their way of life.

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Other Breaches

Other treaty breaches in Waimarama will be mentioned briefly as they have been covered more extensively by other claimants or are part of a wider generic claim.

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The Waingongoro River - Part Two

From our home on the hill at Waimarama I came to appreciate that the Waingongoro River was not always benign. I experienced three major floods firstly in 1959 again in 1974 and more recently in 2011.

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The Cleansing of Waimarama

The real significance of Kura’s tale blog has been the change in relationship between the people living on the coast and the sorcerers of Paewhenua. Prior to the heroics of Kura the people had lived in fear of these distant and somewhat arrogant men.

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2006 - The Beginnings

Waimarama Maori Tours as a registered business entity began in 2006.

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Waimarama - A Place of Maori Myth and Legend from the NZ Herald 31-12-2012

From the east coast's endless expanses of soft white sand to the rugged beauty of the west coast, New Zealand's beaches remain among our greatest treasures. In the first of a six-part journey around the North Island, reporter Jamie Morton and photographer Alan Gibson travel to Hawkes Bay's Waimarama.

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What's in a Name?

What of the island that dominates the Waimarama coastline.

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