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Donna's New Job

9 August 2013

Uniformed, uninformed bodies crammed in to a hall bought back long forgotten memories of high school assembles as we gathered to support our Donna as she took up her new position at the Hastings Girls High School.

It was a proud moment for her Mihiroa whanau, Keefe whanau and Waimarama Maori Tours whanau.

Donna talked of how over a year ago her and her beloved Ben and had looked forward to a future together. She told of how she walked in his shadow but confided to the assembled girls that this did not necessarily mean that she did not have her say and advised them that this would be a skill that they would acquire ‘ the ability to make them think that it was their idea’

For me, it is especially pleasing to see that Donna having been so badly served by fate has reorganised and refocused her life and that of her family. She is an excellent role model for all that is positive about our culture and a fine example of our strong and resolute Wahine Maori. She will be a wonderful asset to the staff and pupils of Hastings Girls High School: to them I say, treat her well, she is a treasure!

It was also a sad moment for our Waimarama Maori Tours whanau as we are still feeling the loss of our Ben and as we see our Donna move on and upwards we know that we will probably be seeing less of her as well; but that is as it should be. Over the years we have watched our family members grow with us and go on to other bigger things: any real sadness is tempered by our pride in their achievement and the door is always open to come home for a visit.

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