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The Eyes of Stone

The stone people on Kaiwhakapiripiri ridge are mute testament to the power wielded by the sorcerer Taewha in ancient times. The story has been told before of how with a wave of his hand living flesh was turned to stone and of how that unfortunate family still stand there today,...

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Waimarama Awards & E Kata Te Rakau

Saturday 6th July 2013 E Kata Te Rakau

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The White Dog

Not all kaitiaki, spiritual guardians are associated with families.

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The Ruru

There are many kaitiaki associated with the different families of Waimarama. These spiritual guides, guardians, guardian angels, and so on may take various forms but most are animals, be it from the land or the sea.

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Going to Cray Bay

Here is a picture of my dad with a friend and some of the crayfish that they have been diving for. I think that this would have been taken in the 1950s. At that time crayfish was easily caught by diving around the intertidal rocks.

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The Stone At The Side Of The Road

Talking about stones last week reminded me of another stone story that occurred a little more recently than those ancient stones as already spoken of.

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Water has always been of importance to our people. The Maori word for water is ‘wai’ and it should be noted that ‘wai Maori’ refers to the purest water available. In ancient Waimarama there were many streams that would originate in the foothills and join together in to three main...

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The Cleansing of Waimarama

The real significance of Kura’s tale blog has been the change in relationship between the people living on the coast and the sorcerers of Paewhenua. Prior to the heroics of Kura the people had lived in fear of these distant and somewhat arrogant men.

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Te Whakaputao

Te Whakaputao - The Widow Maker. A Mythical Legend

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The ancient fortress at Hakikino, Waimarama has revealed many secrets. Middens (early rubbish tips) are to be found all over the site and an examination of the shells contained within give us an insight as to the seafood that was gathered and eaten by our Maori people.

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