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The Peace Pipes

Reproduced here is part of an email that was received earlier in the week. Parts identifying the senders have been removed at their request. The 'pipestone' link is very interesting and highlights the similarities between the American Indian cultures and our Maori Culture.

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The Changing Faces of Hakikino

Friday 9th August 2013Today we hosted the Taiwhenua o Heretaunga at Hakikino. The day did not start well as I had a flat battery. Brother Glenn gave me a jump start and I was on my way down to the Marae to deliver some last minute instructions before the group...

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Donna's New Job

Uniformed, uninformed bodies crammed in to a hall bought back long forgotten memories of high school assembles as we gathered to support our Donna as she took up her new position at the Hastings Girls High School.

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Vilna and Jocelyn

On Sunday 21st July 2013 I spent a wonderful day with two ladies from Christchurch.

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Visitors From Taiwan

On Sunday 2nd June 2013 we hosted some visitors from Taiwan at Hakikino. They were wonderful people and very appreciative of their first introduction to our culture,

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2006 - The Beginnings

Waimarama Maori Tours as a registered business entity began in 2006.

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