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Matariki - The Maori New Year

I spent the last day of 2012 in Wellington with my sisters Ira and Christine and my brother in law Russell. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the excitement and buzz of the Wellington waterfront.

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Waimarama - A Place of Maori Myth and Legend from the NZ Herald 31-12-2012

From the east coast's endless expanses of soft white sand to the rugged beauty of the west coast, New Zealand's beaches remain among our greatest treasures. In the first of a six-part journey around the North Island, reporter Jamie Morton and photographer Alan Gibson travel to Hawkes Bay's Waimarama.

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A Tale of Kura

I have already spoken of the legend of Kura and how the island became named for her : Motu o Kura, the Island of Kura.

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What's in a Name?

What of the island that dominates the Waimarama coastline.

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Horiana Te Wharepu

The mission was to travel to Auckland and rescue our relation; Horiana Te Wharepu. Horiana Te Wharepu was the eldest child of high ranking Waimarama chief Tiakitai. She was also the mother of Morehu Turoa. Morehu Turoa in turn was the woman who bequeathed the present Waimarama Marae for ‘the...

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Te Mata - A Myth or a Con?

The mythical story of Te Mata o Rongokako, the sleeping giant’: is well known and told widely to people visiting Hawke's Bay.

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