Experience genuine Maori culture in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
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Cruise Ship passengers arrive at Hakikino

Group Tour - Arch of the Ancestors

This Hawke's Bay Maori tour is available only through your Cruise Ship Excursion desk.

Waimarama Based

Tour Description:

Discover the rich traditions and history of this Maori family on a genuine culture and heritage tour held on ancestral lands, which have been set aside as a conservation reserve. Your Maori guide will enjoy sharing his/her rich and colourful heritage with you as you drive to Waimarama.

As you approach the coastal village of Waimarama, the dramatic coastal landscape appears with breath-taking views of Motu O Kura in the Pacific Ocean. During the hour-long drive, your guide will entertain you with stories and legends of how their ancestors came to this land over 800 years ago.

Upon arrival at the Hakikino ancestral lands, a representative chosen by you will meet the Warriors' challenge and you will hear the welcome call echo across the hills and valleys. You'll be greeted in the outdoor arena of the ‘Arch of the Ancestors’ by the family and participate in the moving and powerful customs of the greeting ceremony.

After the traditional welcome, you will spend time with the family in small groups to be shown and to learn about their different crafts and customs. You will see demonstrations of some of the following various traditional activities; warrior fighting drills, the art and skill of poi, the importance of stones, ancient musical instruments, native eel in the natural wetland habitat, the history and method of tattooing and others.

There is a craft shop that offers local Maori items.

The traditional farewell includes action songs and performances by the family. This is an intimate, personal and spiritual way to discover the ways of Maori people.

Finally, re-board the coach with your guide and relax, ask questions and enjoy the countryside views. 

For Cruise Ship Passengers: this tour is only available through your Cruise Ship excursion desk.

This group tour must be booked in advance and has minimum numbers required.  Please contact Ike for more information and pricing.  

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